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IAF Endorses FAMI-QS Certification Scheme

IAF Members have endorsed FAMI-QS asbl’s ‘FAMI-QS’ certification scheme as a sub-scope of the IAF Multilateral Recognition Arrangement (MLA). A formal Agreement between IAF and FAMI-QS asbl was signed by Xiao Jianhua, IAF Chair, and Emmanuel Geneiatakis, FAMI-QS asbl Secretary General, on 29 October 2017.


The FAMI-QS scheme, which is the first purely feed safety management system scheme to receive IAF MLA recognition, sets voluntary standards for certification in the field of specialty feed ingredients. Certification bodies operating in the FAMI-QS scheme must be accredited by an IAF MLA accreditation body signatory with a main scope of management system certification.


IAF provides a unique quality infrastructure for managing FAMI-QS accreditation at the global level, allowing a uniform approach and ensuring fair play in the market. The MLA further contributes to the freedom of global trade by eliminating technical barriers.


      • “IAF is a global network of conformity assessment accreditation bodies, consisting of accreditation bodies and relevant stakeholders, with the aim of facilitating trade, supporting regulators, protecting consumers and the environment, and facilitating sustainable development by operating a worldwide mutual recognition arrangement among accreditation bodies in order that the results issued by conformity assessment bodies accredited by IAF members are accepted globally. The IAF MLA enhances the harmonized application of international conformity assessment standards and scheme rules.” Mr. Xiao Jianhua IAF Chairman


The sector of specialty feed ingredients, and also the feed chain, will benefit from this recognition, as FAMI-QS is constantly working towards the security of the global feed supply chain. The quality and safety of feed for animals intended for human consumption will have a direct impact on the quality and safety of the food manufactured from these animals. Given the anticipated growth of the world’s population to around 9 billion people by 2050, and the associated higher demand for animal proteins, it is vital that the feed industry and wider agricultural chain can meet this challenge in a sustainable and safe way.


      • “The FAMI-QS certification is helping our members to secure a safe and traceable feed supply chain with high quality products. Most of our members are doing international businesses. For them it is of utmost importance that FAMI-QS is recognized by the various authorities. Here, the accreditation will support us significantly by bringing the verification process on an even a higher level providing the confidence that FAMI-QS is one of the most trustful standards. We are very happy and grateful that IAF is recognizing that.” Dr. Stephan Heck, FAMI-QS President



Image: from left to right: Xiao Jianhua (IAF Chair), Emmanuel Geneiatakis (FAMI-QS asbl Secretary General)

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